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Star GirlzndGuyz
changing onlyn frnds to intimate frnds.

Group Founder: sola08
Description: if u want 2 hav an intimate frnd, dis is the group dat can provide them for u, coz there are more,many, nd much more waiting for u.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 211
Category: Romance & Relationships > Friends

Topics (18)

go looking for friends and a nic guy (2) madelein26
Hi I am new in here I am 26 white female lives in dbn and one wanna chat

go Add me (0) rohimindo
Introduce myself,im from Indonesia swing.gif . Add me if u wanna be fren of me . overhere.gif

go Care (1) fidelisc
Nid care 4m a young lady. Am ready 2 buta her bread wt my to**ue.

go s*x. (6) denis.m
Is s*x the better option?

go young dating (3) sola08
when wil a girl start dating guyz?

go Friendship (10) sola08
how long will a girl and a guy last as an intimate friend?

go Till wen?! (5) alekii
Til wen wil i break my virginity.plse gals tel me when!

go Diary (12) cortex
I got up today at 10am. Took my breakfast, then played GTA San Andreas on my PC. Then studied my academic subjects for 2 hours. Now, I m gonna study again after the lunch and will leave for my academy...

go New year! (0) sola08
am wishn u all a prosperous new year.u all rock!!!

go wot was d saddest moment of ur (1) sola08
plz users, let knw d saddest moment of ur life.

go stayn online after marriage (0) sola08
wud u alow your wife or husband to be online 24/7 after ur marriage?

go Am sorry (0) sola08
To all my member am very sorry 4 not posting msg anymore

go new users (0) sola08
if u are new on prodigits, ask question and i wil give u an answer

go Growth and Developmet (0) sola08
what is the difference betwen growth and development?

go one side Love (1) manu1434
if a boy loves a girl frm a long time but when he propose her ,her answer was no & then ignore him.what he has to do?


Photos (1)


Polls (4)

go When u r dating some who deny u s*x, do u concider ur self in lov?
go wht is the primary functn of going to schl
go hw shud a guy take gud care of his girlfrnd?
go wht is d diff btw a girl and a boy?

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