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Subject: Till wen?!
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alekii 11.07.09 - 06:27pm
Til wen wil i break my virginity.plse gals tel me when! *

sola08 12.07.09 - 01:31pm
til wen u tink dat u are capable of avn s*x nd belive u can manage any pain dat came out of it *

alekii 13.07.09 - 02:47am
Does s*x have pain? I thnk its swit *

sola08 23.09.09 - 05:22pm
s*x is the pry deed of relatnshp *

queenmum 18.09.10 - 07:44pm
Oh no!U should not think of pain in this cz it authentic so de best tym is wen u've started thinking of it. *

sola08 14.09.11 - 05:13pm
it almost a year now. *

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