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Subject: Diary
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cortex 27.06.09 - 11:17am
I got up today at 10am. Took my breakfast, then played GTA San Andreas on my PC. Then studied my academic subjects for 2 hours. Now, I m gonna study again after the lunch and will leave for my academy after 1 hour. The weather is very hot, opposite to my mood. cool.GIF *

sola08 27.06.09 - 11:31am
i woke up 2day @ 7am, brush, den later tidy up my rm, took my bath, eat al diz were done btw 7 nd 10am grab my phn,nd here i am on prodigits chatn wit my frnds. *

cortex 27.06.09 - 05:00pm
The after-noon schedule was quite busy today. I attended 3 lectures of CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS and BIOLOGY. Physics comes a bit tough to me, as it consists of chapters of electrical physics. d*mn circuits, resistances, laws, greek letters . . .Huh! Quite fizzy! Chemistry is quite easy-to-understand. It consists of structural chemistry. Biology is not much tough. It is interesting to me, because I am the student of biology basically. It was quite hot outside today. The temperature was about 43 degree centi grade or something around it. At the moment, I have just layed down after having the dinner. *

sola08 27.06.09 - 06:58pm
my af2non ws meant 4 sleepn, i just woke up nw,huh! *

cortex 28.06.09 - 10:09am
The day is quite hot. I got up a bit early in the morning today. I played GTA SAN ANDREAS as usual. Then studied my subjects. And now I have layed down after taking the lunch. *

sola08 12.07.09 - 01:36pm
I woke up very late 2day,brush,eat den had a little rest,nw im here chatn wit my frnds. *

swit22 4.09.09 - 08:43am
How do u get 2 understand chemistry than physics,i find it da opposite *

sola08 23.09.09 - 05:28pm
i woke up 2day early in other to prepare for d activity i av 2day. *

sola08 30.10.09 - 04:27am
i woke around 4am to download some games on my phone,once it's 6:00 i wil go to mosque to pray,after komn bck i wil tidy up my rm, brush tak my bath nd eat. *

cortex 4.02.10 - 03:10pm
Hey guys I m back in the topic after a long time. The day was awesome, but I hv a sore throat. Thats why every thing looks non-interesting. *

sola08 9.07.10 - 05:32am
Am awake frnds! *

sola08 21.11.10 - 04:32am
am awake *

sola08 14.09.11 - 05:11pm
my day is going on smoothly.hy guyz!itz bin a vry long tym...... *

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